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Rats are very commonly found in North Florida. We specialize in rat removal and prevention, proofing of the structure and sanitizing of areas they were active.


Raccoons are known for getting a little too close for comfort. Many times they will seek shelter in the attic of a home during the winter months and also when they are preparing to have their babies. We will remove the raccoons, inspect the home for any baby raccoons and then sanitize the area they were removed from. 


Snakes are a given here in North Florida. We have them everywhere. If you find yourself staring at one of them on your porch, in your garage or maybe even in your home, give us a call for prompt, professional removal to keep you and your family safe.

Wildlife  Services

On a daily basis we safely and effectively clear properties of these nuisances. Our methods are humane and we make sure to sanitize the area once they are removed


Bats are a very important part of our ecosystem. They also love to live in attic, soffits and other areas where they pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of the people in our communities. 


Squirrels love to make nests and have babies in the soffit area of homes and businesses and almost always end up destroying duct work, plumbing pipes and other things when they do. 


Armadillos love to root around in nice landscapes looking for grub worms and insects to eat. We offer a professional and humane trapping program to remove these animals and relocate them.


Moles can be some of the most annoying exterior pests that a homeowner will ever face. They will destroy a nicely manicured lawn in seemingly no time at all. 

What Sets us Apart

Confidence – We are committed to being the most well trained professionals in this industry and our customers can be confident in our ability to solve their problems.

Quality – We vowed in the beginning that we would offer a quality of work that is not matched by anyone. It is our commitment that the work we perform will be above and beyond expectations. We know that we can make your home critter-proof while making it look like it was built that way!

Guarantee – We believe in the quality of work we perform.  That’s why our warrenty exceeds the industry standard. (Some exceptions apply)

Mindfulness – We offer poison free wildlife services so you will never have to worry about your loved ones or pets.

Technology – In addition to tried and true methods, we use the latest drone technology to insure the best service.

Why Choose Us

Proud Partner of NWCOA

Commited to excellence and continued training

The National Wildlife Control Operators Association provides the most cutting edge training and education in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We have partnered with NWCOA to ensure the bar is set as high as possible when it comes to our training. You can be confident in the knowledge, education and experience you are receiving when you choose Coastal Wildlife Services!

You can always be confident that our team at Coastal Wildlife Services are the most trained, knowledgeable professionals in the industry. When it comes to controlling the nuisance wildlife around our properties, the equipment, techniques and strategies are constantly evolving. This is why we have partnered with NWCOA

Sanitation and Restoration

The final step to performing a complete and thorough wildlife control project is the clean-up. We offer sanitation services to help eliminate the toxic waste and debris left behind by these animals when they invade our space. Droppings and urine left behind are toxic to humans and can introduce many different diseases into your home or business. Our sanitation process is complete, thorough, and safe when the project is completed.


Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Whether you are facing a colony of rats, a family of squirrels, a pack of raccoons, or just a single armadillo tearing through your yard at night, Coastal Wildlife Services can quickly locate and remove these animals from your property, home, or business in a safe and humane manner to keep you, your family and your employees safe.

Professional Exclusion Services

Once you have identified, located, and begun the removal process, you are now faced with the sometimes daunting task of preventing these animals from returning. Coastal Wildlife Services can identify all entry points and professionally seal these areas to keep these animals and any future animals out for good. All exclusion services come with a warranty that is above industry standards.


I was so pleased to have met Jason and Dakota…We had a racoon in our attic space and upon inspection we learned that there were many places at the roof line and soffit that were open. They placed traps and sealed all openings and put a special deoderizer in the attic. The work is guaranteed and if I ever hear or smell anything I can call them at any time.

— E P


We were very impressed with the work done by Jason and Dakota to solve our rodent problem in the attic. After having made sure that all “tenants” had been removed Dakota sealed all openings and sprayed the attic. Very efficient, always on time, explaining in detail what needed to be done. The work is guaranteed and if I ever hear, see or smell anything they told me to call the right away. We can highly recommend this company!

— P A-J

World Golf Village

GREAT TEAM, GREAT WORK PERFORMANCE. Jason & Dakota know what they are doing, great knowledge, always right on time and keeping you posted on what’s happening. Can highly recommend them hence my 5-Star rating all the way across.

— H J

Saint Augustine

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